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  英语试卷 A

  Part I Dialogue Communication ( 15 minutes, 15 points)

  Part II Vocabulary and Structure ( 20 minutes, 10 points)

  Part III Reading Comprehension ( 40 minutes, 40 points)

  Part IV Cloze Test ( 15 minutes, 10 points)

  Part I Dialogue Communication (15 minutes, 15 points)

  Section A Dialogue Completion

  Directions: In this section, you will read 5 short incomplete dialogues between two speakers, each followed by four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the answer that best suits the situation to complete the dialogue. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.

  1、 Speaker A:I am so glad I caught you at home. I need your help!

  Speaker B: ________, Robin?

  A. Can I B. Do you

  C. What’s that D. What’s up

  2、 Speaker A:I don’t have the slightest idea what you want to say.

  Speaker B: You don’t have to.________

  A. Forget it. B. Just follow my lead.

  C. I’ll say it later. D. If only you wanted to.

  3、 Speaker A: Nobody listened to what I have to say. I feel like a fool.

  Speaker B: Don’t worry._______

  A. I’m with you. B. I like you.

  C. They are fools themselves. D. They are no better.

  4、 Speaker A: Oh, hi Dr. Hill. Can I discuss my grade on my term paper with you now?

  Speaker B: Sure.________

  A. What seems to be the problem? B. That seems to be a mistake.

  C.I really appreciate it. D. Could I check back with you later?

  5、 Speaker A: Mr. Jacob, you are a great help. How can I pay you back?

  Speaker B: OK, you buy me a coffee,________.

  A. and there is no problem B. and we are even

  C. and you’ll feel better D. and I won’t say anything

  Section B Dialogue Comprehension

  Directions: In this section, you will read 5 short conversations between a man and a woman. At the end of each conversation there is a question followed by 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best answer to the question from the four choices given and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.

  6、Woman: Mr. Simpson, all the department managers are here except John.

  Man: Let’s get the meeting rolling.

  Question: What does the man mean?

  A. Cancel the meeting B. Start the meeting

  C. Put the meeting off D. Continue the meeting

  7、Woman: Protecting the environment should be on the agenda of every one of us.

  Man: You took the words right out of my mouth.

  Question: What did the man mean?

  A. He agreed with the woman. B. He didn’t believe the woman.

  C. The woman’s words hurt him. D. The woman was talking nonsense.

  8、Woman: I can’t forgive myself for that terrible mistake I have made.

  Man: Well, don’t be too hard on yourself. It happens to the best of us.

  Question: What does the woman mean?

  A. The man should not be forgiven. B. Smart people make few mistakes

  C. The mistake is not serious D. The man needn’t feel that

  9、Woman :Here you are. Do it by six o’clock, OK?

  Man: By six o’clock? Give me a break. I’m not a superman.

  Question: What does the man mean?

  A. He wants to take a break.

  B. He has to work like a superman.

  C. There is not enough time for him.

  D. The work is too difficult for him.

  10、Woman: I ’m clueless and, quite frankly, I’m getting worried about the future.

  Man: We’re all in the same boat. Leaving school’s a big step.

  Question: What’s the issue they are facing now?

  A. Graduation examination. B. Traveling expenses.

  C. Career choices D. Personal finance.


  Part II Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes, 10 points)

  Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are 4choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. You’re your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.

  11、I was annoyed by Tom who came late for our appointment and never ______to ask how long I had been waiting.

  A. bother B. to bother

  C. bothering D. bothered

  12、The team members were upset when they heard that the project ______have to be abandoned.

  A. might B. should

  C. need D. shall

  13、I’ve attached my contact information in the recommendation letter ______you have further questions.

  A. because B. so that

  C. since D. in case

  14、As computer security systems become even more advanced, ______the methods of those who try to break into them illegally.

  A. so too do B. so much do

  C. as much as D. as well as

  15、The questions are certain to _______careful consideration before any major decision.

  A. give B. have given

  C. be given D. have been given

  16、This robot is supposed to save a lot of labor, but it many create new problems if it really _______.

  A. is B. will

  C. has D. does

  17、I don’t know why Mary didn’t ask me how to do it as I _______her.

  A. must help B. would help

  C. should have helped D. could have helped

  18、Peter and Bob both did a good job, but Peter is ______talented of the two.

  A. the most B. the more

  C. most D. more

  19、The function of school education is not so much to teach you things ________to teach you the art of learning.

  A. than B. then

  C. as D. but

  20、Graduate school and college are similar _________you have to choose a field of study and do research.

  A. in that B. for that

  C. for which D. in which


  21、Father sometimes goes to the gym with us though he _____going there.

  A. enjoys B. prefers

  C. dislikes D. denies

  22、She was among the most ______players in the game ,but the car accident ruined everything.

  A. promised B. promoted

  C. promising D. promoting

  23、Dina ,struggling for months to get a job as a waitress, finally took a ______at a local advertising agency.

  A. chance B. position

  C. step D. challenge

  24、He doesn’t eat pork ,but ______that he’ll eat just about anything.

  A. rather than B. no more than

  C. other than D. no longer than

  25、Simon finally ______to pressure from his parents to stop his tennis training before the exam.

  A. gave up B. gave in

  C. gave out D. gave way

  26、Thomas Edison was responsible for many _____in addition to the light bulb.

  A. intentions B. imaginations

  C. instructions D. innovations

  27、Thrilled that she got her first paycheck ,Nancy immediately_______ her old cell phone with a newer model.

  A. replaced B. renewed

  C. combined D. compared

  28、Advertising is a tough business because it is very difficult to ________new ideas to sell the same product.

  A. come up with B. get along with

  C. come up to D. get down to

  29、After thinking hard about why I did not have enough time for my schoolwork. I became_______ that I watched too much TV.

  A. doubtful B. worried

  C. puzzled D. aware

  30、Following the same rules all these years, the club is _______to any from of change.

  A. resolved B. resistant

  C. restricted D. reserved


  Part III Reading Comprehension (40 minutes, 40 points)

  Directions: There are 4 passages in this part. Each of the passages is followed by 5 questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are 4 choices marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the best one and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.

  Passage One

  It has never been easy to be a teenager , and it is particularly difficult today. The world expects us to be grown up but rarely treats us like adults; we are part of a society in which drugs are readily available but extremely dangerous; our education consists of examinations and more examinations… Is it any wonder we struggle at times?

  One of the biggest problems is that parents demand mature and intelligent behavior from us ,yet usually think of us as still being children .We help do a range of housework and care for sickly grandparents, but cannot watch adult movies on television. We are expected to show an interest in current affairs and get a part-time job to begin to support ourselves, but are not even allowed a say in where we go for the family holiday---never mind being allowed to holiday with our friends!

  Outside the home , we have to make sure our dissatisfaction does not lead us to rebellion and to the dealers who are just waiting to sell us various drugs .Older generations had to come to terms with alcohol and cigarettes; that was easy, by comparison. We go to a club, to dance, then are faced with temptations(诱惑), peer

  pressures and our own desire to fit in with the crowd .There is always someone there with a designer drink ,a designer smile and the latest designer drug to tempt us . Being a teenager has never been harder.

  Of course , it has never been so hard in school either .We have so many examinations that it is difficult to keep track: SATs, GCSEs … and the practice tests that accompany them. Homework is never ending. No teacher seems aware of how much work the others are setting , and, anyway, they would not care ,because they are all under orders to improve results or their own careers will suffer.

  31. What is Paragraph 1 mainly about?

  A. The tempting drugs that can be easily bought.

  B. The changing world that teenagers have to adapt to.

  C. School education that focuses merely on examinations.

  D. Various problems that teenagers have to deal with.

  32. Parents will most probably say no to their children if they want to _______.

  A. learn current affairs by watching TV

  B. go on vacation with friends

  C. take a part time job while in school

  D. holiday with the rest of the family

  33.What does the author mean by saying“Being a teenager has never been harder” in Paragraph 3?

  A. Parents are more demanding than ever before.

  B. Teenagers have to try harder to fit into the world.

  C. Teenagers are under greater pressure from peers.

  D. There are more and stronger temptations than before.

  34.As is used in Paragraph 4 , “the others ” refers to ______.

  A. colleagues B. neighbors

  C. parents D. students

  35. Why do teachers give their students a huge lot of homework and examinations?

  A. They have a strong sense of responsibility.

  B. They intend to inspire students’ interest in learning.

  C. They are demanded to improve students’ scores.

  D. They intend to have students work harder in school.


  Passage Two

  If you like to take lots of vacation , the United States is not the place to work .Besides a handful of national holidays the typical American worker gets two or three precious weeks off out of a whole year to relax and see the world ---much less than what people in many other countries receive. And even that amount of vacation often comes with strings attached.

  So what’s going on here?

  A big reason for the difference is that paid time off is demanded by law in many parts of the world .Germany is among more than two dozen industrialized countries---from Australia to Japan---that require employers to offer four weeks or more of paid vacation to their workers , according to a 2009 study by the human resources consulting company Mercer. Finland , Brazil and France are the champions, guaranteeing six weeks of time off. But employers in the United States are not obliged under federal law to offer any paid vacation , so about a quarter of all American workers don’t have access to it , government figures show . That makes the U.S . the only advanced nation in the world that doesn’t guarantee its workers annual leave.

  Most U.S. companies , of course , do provide vacation as a way to attract and retain workers . But the fear of layoffs and the ever ?faster pace of work mean many Americans are reluctant to be absent from the office ---anxious that they might loo like they’re not committed to their job . Or they worry they won’t be able to cope with a pile of work waiting for them after a vacation.

  Then , there ‘s the way we work .

  Working more makes Americans happier than Europeans , according to a study published recently in the Journal of Happiness Studies. That may be because Americans believe more than Europeans do that hard work is associated with success.

  So despite research documenting the health and productivity benefits of taking time off , a long vacation can be undesirable , scary , unrealistic or just plain impossible for many U.S. workers.

  36.According to the passage , the United States is a nation_________.

  A. that prefers relatively longer vacations

  B. that has fewer national holidays

  C. where workers do not have paid time off

  D. where employers are not required to offer paid vacation

  37.The phrase “with strings attached”(Para.1) probably means “_________”.

  A. with specified conditions B. with full freedom

  C. with many options D. with work in mind

  38. Which of the following countries offers the longest annual leave to its workers?

  A. Germany . B. Japan.

  C. France . D. Australia.

  39. Many Americans are hesitant to take a vacation because they __________.

  A. are afraid of losing their jobs B. enjoy the fast pace of work

  C. are devoted to their jobs D. like the challenges in work

  40. According to the author , Americans’ chance of taking a long vacation is ______.

  A. uncertain B. slim

  C. good D. promising


  Passage Three

  New research suggests that animals have a much higher level of brainpower than previously thought . If animals do have intelligence , how do scientists measure it ? Before defining animals’ intelligence , scientists defined what is not intelligence . Instinct is not intelligence . It is a skill programmed into an animal’s brain . Rote(机械记忆)

  conditioning is also not intelligence . Tricks can be learned by repetition , but no real thinking is involved . Scientists believe that insight(顿悟), the ability to use tools , and communication using human language are all effective measures of the mental ability of animals.

  Scientists define insight as a flash of sudden understanding . When a young gorilla could not reach fruit from a tree , she noticed some boxes scattered about the lawn near the tree . She piled up the boxes , then climbed on them to reach her reward . The gorilla’s insight allowed her to solve a new problem without trial and error.

  The ability to use tools is also an important sign of intelligence . Crows use sticks to get nuts out of cracks . The crow exhibits intelligence by showing it has learned what a stick can do . Likewise , seals use rocks to crack open shells in order to get at the meat.

  Many animals have learned to communicate using human language . One chimp can recognize and correctly use more than 250 abstract symbols on a keyboard . These symbols represent human words. An amazing parrot can distinguish five objects of two different types . He can understand the difference between the number , color , and kind of object . The ability to classify is a basic thinking skill. He seems to use language to express his needs and emotions . When ill and taken to the animal hospital for his first overnight stay , this parrot turned to go . “Come here!” he cried to a scientist who works with him . “I love you . I’m sorry. Wanna go back?”

  The research on animal intelligence raises important questions . If animals are smarter than once thought , would that change the way humans interact with them? Would humans stop hunting them for sport or survival? Would animals still be used for food , clothing , or medical experimentation? Finding the answer to these tough questions makes a difficult puzzle even for a large-brained, problem-solving species like our own.

  41.As is mentioned in Paragraph 1 , “tricks”played by animals may be ________.

  A. a sign of intelligence

  B. a sign of instinct

  C. learned through training

  D. programmed in their brain at birth

  42. Crows’ using sticks to get nuts out of cracks illustrates_________.

  A. rote learning B. the ability to use tools

  C. communication skills D. instinctive response

  43. The parrot’s being able to distinguish five objects of two different types indicates ______.

  A. its ability to classify

  B. its ability to count

  C. a grasp of human language

  D. a flash of sudden understanding

  44. Which of the following is an example of animals’ communication through the use of human language ?

  A. Parrots can imitate.

  B. Gorillas scream for help.

  C. A crow shouts warnings to other crows.

  D. Chimps use symbols that stand for words.

  45. The last paragraph implies that __________.

  A. there is no way of measuring animal intelligence

  B. animals are given opportunities to display their intelligence

  C. the human-animal relationship needs to be reconsidered

  D. some animal instincts are well beyond our knowledge


  Passage Four

  Another kinds of distinction that can be made among works of art is whether they were originally intended as objects purely to be looked at , or as objects to be used . The FINE ARTS , such as drawing , painting , and sculpture , involve the production of works to be seen and experienced primarily on an abstract rather than practical level . Pieces of fine art may produce emotional , intellectual , sensual , or spiritual responses in us . Those who love the fine arts feel that these responses are very valuable , and perhaps

  Especially so in the midst of a highly materialistic world , for they expand our awareness of the great richness of life itself.

  In contrast to the nonfunctional appeals of the fine arts , the first purpose of the APPLIED ARTS is to serve some useful function . Lucy Lewis , a traditional potter from Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico , has applied a visually exciting surface decoration to her water jar. But the jar’s main reason for being , however , is to hold water . Some of the people of Acoma , which may be the oldest continually inhabited city in the United States , still follow the old ways , carrying water for drinking , cooking , and washing up to their homes from natural ponds below . The forms of their water jars are therefore designed to prevent spilling and to balance readily on one’s head . The pots must also be light in weight , so Acoma water pots are some of the world’s thinnest ? walled pottery . Interestingly , the languages of most Native American peoples do not include a word that means “fine art . ”While they have traditionally created pottery , basketry , and weaving with a good sense of design , these pieces were part of their everyday lives.

  The applied art of pottery-making , is one of the crafts , the making of useful objects by hand . Other applied art disciplines are similarly functional . Graphic designers create advertisements , fabrics , layouts for books and magazines , and so on ; Industrial designers shape the mass ? produced objects used by high ? tech societies , from cars , telephones , and teapots , to one of the most famous visual images in the world : the Coca ?Cola bottle . Other applied arts include clothing design , interior design , and environmental design.

  46. What has the author probably discussed right before the passage ?

  A. The history of art .

  B. The beauty of art .

  C. Some distinctions among works of art .

  D. The definition of art in general.

  47. Which of the following is true ?

  A. Fine arts enrich our lives .

  B. Fine arts are associated with application .

  C. Products of crafts are made to be looked at .

  D. People in the materialistic world lacks the sense of beauty .

  48. The water jar mentioned in Paragraph 2 can be described as ___________.

  A. an example of fine art B. a product of graphic design

  C. a case of industrial design D. an object for practical use

  49. The Coca ?Cola bottle mentioned in Paragraph 3 ______.

  A. is a product of crafts B. is an example of applied art

  C. produces spiritual responses D. is an object to be looked at

  50. What is this passage mainly about ?

  A. The functions of a water jar. B. Pottery-making in North America.

  C. Fine and applied arts . D. Nonfunctional appeals of fine arts.


  Part IV Cloze Test (15 minutes, 10 points)

  Directions: There are 10 blanks in the following passage. For each numbered blank, there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.

  U. S. researchers suggest sleeping can help us remember things we have just learnt . A team from Northwestern University 51 that a 90-minute nap (小睡)can help people learn a new skill . The 52 on their research is published in the June edition of the journal Nature. The scientists say : “Information acquired during waking can be reactivated (重新激活) during sleep , 53 memory stabilization .” Test volunteers

  practised musical tunes before and after a short sleep . 54 the nap , the researchers played one of the tunes the volunteers had practiced . The team found that the participants made 55 errors when playing the tune that had been played while they slept .

  Study co-author Dr Paul J . Reuber points out the research might not work 56 learning a foreign language while you sleep . He said : “The critical 57 is that our research shows that memory is strengthened for something you’ve already learned . ”He added : “Rather than learning something 58 in your sleep , we ‘re talking about enhancing an existing memory by reactivating information recently acquired .” 59 ,Dr Reuber did say there were possibilities for language learners :“If you were learning 60 to speak in a foreign language during the day , for example , and then tried to reactivate those memories during sleep , perhaps you might enhance your learning ,”he said .

  51. A. imagine B. learn C. report D. guess

  52. A. claim B. article C. statement D. lecture

  53. A. disturbing B. lowering C. updating D. promoting

  54. A. During B. Before C. At D. After

  55. A. more B. fewer C. less D. most

  56. A. with B. for C. by D. upon

  57. A. similarity B. difference C. viewpoint D. response

  58. A. old B. strange C. unique D. new

  59. A. However B. Therefore C. Moreover D. Instead

  60. A. when B. where C. how D. why

  Part V Translation (30 minutes, 10 points)

  Directions: Translate the following passage into Chinese and put your translation on the ANSWER SHEET.

  We all know that the most powerful force in our lives is love . In addition to providing us with soul-warming companionship , the emotion of love is truly inspiring .

  Of course , the facts of our lives tell a somewhat sad story . We have a very hard time making love last . The divorce rate in the U.S. is still around 50 percent . That figure doesn’t even cover the many couples that live together without marriage and whose unions are even more likely to dissolve .

  Relationships fail because people have the misconception about what to expect in marriage . The fantasy is that everything will be wonderful as long as you find the perfect person ?your missing half . But marriage is a team sport . It’s one team with two people , with two different minds . The difficulty is that these two people disagree all the time . They need to know nondestructive ways of expressing differences and must also be prepared for the inevitable disappointments that come from living with another person.

  Part VI Writing (30minutes, 15 points)

  Directions: You are to write in no less than 120 words on the topic of “what would you consider an ideal work environment”. You may base your composition on the Chinese clues given below and put your composition on the ANSWER SHEET .




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